Elephants are clever … Learn a little more

 Ask your child to listen ….I wonder will we hear an elephant?   Check out my album here.

Remember to bring your favourite Teddy if you go to see elephants in  the zoo…


Look at the baby elephant it is called a calf.

I wonder what other animals have babies called calves…..?


If you look at the African elephants ears they look like they are shaped like the map of Africa. Isn’t that funny. Let’s take a look…



Elephants have big long noses called trunks.

The African elephant has one little tip called a finger on the end of it’s trunk.

The Asian elephant has two.

They help the elephant to grab its food and play lots of things throughout the day.


Can you see how it uses it's trunk
Can you see how it uses it’s trunk

Elephants are clever. They really are so smart. They have really long memories. This helps when they wander. They can remember where the watering holes are. This is important… then they can drink and splash and play and bathe.


Can you see the elephant spraying the dust?
Can you see the elephant spraying the dust?

Elephants spray mud over their bodies and it acts like sunscreen to protect them from the hot sun.

 – we need to put suncream on our skin to protect it.

African elephants are very heavy and tall. Their Asian cousins are a little smaller and if you look at their heads they have two bumps.


Look at my head
Look at my head

African elephants have long tusks on the mummies and the Daddies. Asian elephant tusks are shorter and only the Daddy has them.

This  baby elephant  is so cute. It walks along behind it’s mum holding on to her tail with it’s trunk.

Then the little calf won’t get lost

Look at the little baby
Look at the little baby

     Link to the importance of staying safe – holding hands not getting lost.

Elephants tusks are extremely heavy

One way to show the children how heavy they can be is to have a bowling ball for them to try and lift.

NB:- It goes without saying safety issues are involved here but be careful and this experience can be very enlightening.

Children of this age love lifting heavy objects so this will really appeal.


Now we can say our poem about the elephant    By Michelle Woodswaldron ©2015

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