Art activity – Beautiful Flamingo

Fun art activity

Maybe you will see flamingos if you take a trip to the zoo.

You can hear about the trip on the album (fun in the car) Listen … can you hear the flamingos?


Here is a fun fact to share with your children….. Have a little chat as you are carrying out the art activity.

The children will love to hear this especially if they go to Creche…..




The baby chicks stay in the nest site for around 7 – 12 days.

Then when they are around 2 weeks old the chicks congregate in groups called microcreches

After a while they merge into the big crèche which can have thousands of birds…


Make beautiful pink Flamingo




This can be the template. Expand, copy and print the image.

Then your child can mount it on card, ready for gluing on the feathers. Using child friendly glue, brush some on the body and then place the feathers on top.

Very simple but very effective and lot’s of fun.


These feathers come in a pack that you can buy in a craft shop/hardware.


Here is a colouring page – they may like to colour in…



Perhaps you would like to colour in the flamingo
Perhaps you would like to colour in the flamingo


Here is  link  you make like to show the children.

Have a look at it yourself first and decide if you want to share it.

It shows a chick hatching and it’s first days with it’s mum.  It is excellent footage but the liquid that is fed to the little chick looks a bit strange, it contains some blood from it’s mum, you can explain to the child that it is special drink for the flamingo chick.

Be great for an older child doing a project.

Watch out for more about the flamingo.



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