Story about the pink Flamingo

Story about the Flamingo for circletime – or you could chat with your little one at home.

Have fun telling the children little story…. prepare for giggles

chat about the images and do your best to introduce open ended questions – by this I mean ask them things which require more than a yes or no answer.

You can expand & print off the image..beautiful flamingo


Look what I have here

It’s a picture of a lovely flamingo

Aah look it’s beautiful

Did you know they get their pink colour from what they eat?

Imagine..they eat so many shrimp their feathers turn pink.

Aah they’re funny birds the keratin in their food makes them turn pink.


Can you see the flamingo?

Look it can stand on only one leg. We stand on two legs don’t we.

See how it balances on one leg
See how it balances on one leg

This bird has fantastic balance.
They are able to stand on one leg for ages isn’t that funny.

But do you know whats even more funny they fall asleep standing on one leg.

SSsh they are fast asleep..
SSsh they are fast asleep..

Isn’ t that amazing.

Imagine sleeping standing on one leg.

I like sleeping in my nice warm bed I wouldn’t like to sleep standing on one leg, would you?

Now we are going to play a little game….

Click here for game



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