Science fun with ice


Let’s do an Experiment

You will need an ice cube tray filled with coloured water –for example  red

Freeze the cubes.

A glass ¾ s full of clear water.

Today we are going to turn liquid water into solid.

First we have to pour some water into this jug.

Now using the eyedropper put some drops of food colouring into the water. Stir to make it dark red.

We have to pour the coloured water into the ice cube tray. Just a little red water in each cube.

We have to freeze the water and make it solid. It will turn into ice.

We have to leave it for about two hours to allow the water to freeze.

We will take it out later…..

Okay now we are going to check and see if the water turned into ice.

Mimi took the cubes from the freezer

We just need one for the moment (alternatively allow one for each child.

Now we have a glass with some clear water.

Put the ice cube in. Can you see the red cube floating on the water. Now we are going to see how long it will take before the ice cube begins to melt and turn into liquid again. As the frozen ice melts the water will change colour. Makes it a very visual experience for the children Now we will leave it on the shelf and see how long it takes to melt. This room is quite warm so it will be interesting to see how long it takes.

The children can watch and see if there are any changes. Record the time and then watch as the water changes colour. Then write down the length of time it took to melt.

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