Caribou march


You can tell the children a little story about Caribou migration………..

[There are animals just like Reindeer called Caribou in North America ]

Caribou live way up near the arctic circle.  A very very cold place. It gets so much snow in winter that the caribou find it really difficult to find the plants they like to eat. They are all buried underneath the snow and ice.

The Caribou have to migrate that means they have to move south to another warmer place.

So huge herds of Caribou travel 1000’s of km’s south in search of warmer land and lots of food to eat.

They have to go on a really long journey. They march in a big long line  miles and miles trekking across snow and ice.

Their hooves are very special.

They act a little bit like snow shoes which stop them sinking into the snow.

Caribou are great swimmers because sometimes they have to cross fast running rivers and lakes to get to warmer land where they will be able to find lots of lovely food to eat.

When you have told the little story…….

Fun activity….

A line of migrating Caribou can stretch for 186 miles.

Have the children march around the room in a line like the caribou — counting in 100s when they get to 1000 stop and say we have to have a rest. Then start again……1100-1200………2000 take a rest 2100,2200…..

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