Chat about healthy food choices


red raspberries

Chat with your little ones, mention about lovely yummy foods.

When you and the children are serving food at break or having a little snack at home you can mention in passing how good it is. 


Drink all your milk because it has lots of calcium or your juice has lots of vitamins  – vitamin c in your orange etc.

Lots of lovely protein in your lunch well done.

You are not making the children study these things but just instilling good habits and if they happen to pick up things along the way even better.

They might say mmm milk is full of calcium and that’s fantastic. Its easy to say it s good to eat lots of fruit and veg really yummy. The children love it.

Just chat away while they are being served.

See how this may link into the Themes Aims and Learning goals of Aistear The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework


Aim 2 Children will be as healthy and fit as they can be.

L.g.6. make healthy choices and demonstrate positive attitudes to nutrition, hygiene, exercise, and routine.

frog-serving food

Lovely to have children help peel and slice the fruit then hand it around. 

One child holds the plate and offers it to the children. Would you like some ? Child responds yes please and thank you

Social skills, communication, turn taking, patience, learning to take one or two pieces at a time. Lovely.


Aim 2 Children will use language

L.g. 1. interact with other children and adults by listening, discussing and taking turns in conversation

L.g. 4. use language with confidence and competence for giving and receiving information, asking questions, requesting, refusing, negotiating, problemsolving, imagining and recreating roles and situations, and clarifying thinking, ideas and feelings

Have lots of different fruits/food  to taste.

Let children try all sorts of tastes and textures.  Sometimes they may not want to touch the fruit, never force this but always offer it.

Note to parents –  some dieticians say it can take around 10 to 15 attempts for a baby to take to certain foods so it seems it may be worth persisting.   Source louise reynolds

Extend learning….

 Incorporate learning colours

Put lots of lovely fruit with your pancakes on Pancake Tuesday 

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