Woodland rhyme…Who will we see today?

It’s wonderful to introduce your little ones to experiencing the beauty of nature..

I wonder who we’ll see today

In amongst all the trees

I wonder who is hiding there

Underneath the leaves

Who’s peeping out behind the trunk

Of the big old tree

I wonder what we’ll find today

[quick] let’s look and see…….

By michelle woodswaldron ©2014

aah look it’s little woodlice….


[share the poem with the children and then show the image]…

The children love finding little creatures like these and watching them.

Encourage them to go slowly watching out for things as they go. Allow them to stop and examine things

just be still and look. Give yourself time to enjoy this with your children.


At home it can be a nice idea to have a little spot in the garden where there

is a rock or piece of wood.

 The children can check to see…..

If any little creatures make their home there, for example little woodlice.

Remember to impress upon the children the importance of not disturbing or harming the little creatures.

this links in to the Aistear framework…….

Exploring and thinking

Aim 1 Children will learn about and make sense of the world around them.

l.g. 4. learn about the natural environment and its features, materials, animals, and plants, and their own responsibility as carers


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