Tip for when the kids seem restless…

A simple tip which you will find invaluable if you have or work with children in their Early years.

The simple tip is….

Provide activities for your child where they are using their hands.

hands iwth playdough

The key is – the activity must involve using their hands.

children-using plasticine


Why is this important ?

Because  as Dr, Montessori says …Concentration comes about through using the hands

child-building blocks

As the child becomes engaged in the activity you will notice that they may become more calm. Once they are actually using their hands they begin to become absorbed in the activity.


Baking cookies

It is wonderful to watch.

A simple thing like washing dishes is one way to get them using their hands…

child washing up source pixabay

One thing to remember. We as adults wash and dry the dishes and put them away. The small child may do this but then may repeat the same activity all over again. In fact they may do this several times. Let them!

Great fun & learning.


If your child is restless moving from one thing to another, a good idea is to do your best  to engage them in something involving using their hands, as they start using their hands it seems to bring about a lovely calming effect.

We use our hands in sign language 

How about we create a beautiful flamingo

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