Hi! my name is Michelle Waldron and I am the Creator and owner of www.1stearlyed.com.

I absolutely love creative children’s writing and storytelling. I write original stories and poems for young children but I also create audio where you can hear me narrate them with lovely sound effects in the background.

I like to say the poems and stories  are ‘fun with an educational twist’ because I am also a Montessori Directress with over 25 years experience teaching & working in various guises in the early education childcare sector including special education.


The most important thing is that the children enjoy themselves whilst making the most of this wonderful time when the children’s minds are like sponges or as Dr Montessori says”Absorbent Mind”.

So whether you are a parent [ the primary educator of your child] , a newly qualified teacher just starting out or someone who like me has been working in this sector for many years.

I really hope you enjoy the site and audio I have created for you.

Keep checking in at 1stearlyed.com as I will be sharing ideas for you to do with your little ones.


Michelle Waldron