Baby Penguin fun game to play

Can you see the little baby Penguin ?

You heard about the Penguin on the album track 2 … Trip to the Zoo

Now the children can have fun playing a game….

The ice is much too cold for the young chicks, so to protect the little penguin the mummy or daddy keeps them on their feet. Can you see?

The little chick snuggles in under a special flap on the adults body to keep warm.

Now we are going to play a little game……..

We have lots of bean bags here. Now we

are going to pretend that the beanbags are the baby chicks. You have to try and balance the beanbag on your feet just like the adult penguin and try to waddle now watch….

Mimi stood with her feet together and placed the beanbag on her feet. Then she started to waddle just like the penguin trying to balance the beanbag. [prepare for giggles] – you must try to keep your feet together – shuffle along.

Hugs  let’s huddle up like the penguins

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