Enjoy the Rugby World cup Best of luck Ireland

  1. “C’mon Ireland”

Best of luck !



 Great way to introduce learning about shape.

Compare the shape

of the Soccer ball & the Rugby ball .

Both available on amazon

Let them compare the weight, shape and size & see how different the two are when they try to bounce them etc. 

Have fun with flags too…

I wonder what shape the Irish flag is ?

You could look at all the flags of the countries taking part in the Rugby World cup.

What shape can you see on the

Japanese Flag?


Which sports do we use a ball in ?


You can have fun with your children.  How many different games can you think of when reading this poem ?

Bounce the ball
Kick the ball
Hit it with a bat

Throw the ball
Run with it
Stick it in the net

Roll the ball
Strike it hard
Pitch it way up high

Push the ball
Catch the ball
Toss it in the sky

Shoot the ball
Flick it wide
Pot it in the hole

Send it soaring
Putt it slow
Head it
It’s a goal !

By michelle woodswaldron ©

Download the audio – Perfect to keep the little ones entertained during match.


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