Books are wonderful…. Share a story with your little ones…

Book Lovers Day…

Books are fabulous and reading and listening to stories is wonderful. I took a trip down memory lane for childrens Book week . I decided to share it with you again for Book Lovers Day hope you enjoy it…

I just love great kids books and could get lost for hours in the bookshop.


I love storytelling and as a mum I loved nothing better than to snuggle up with my own children when they were little to read them a story.


Lift the flap books are great because of the interaction and the children love seeing what’s underneath. One of my favourites is  “Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell.


‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Wadell is fabulous. The children really relate to the little owl being scared without it’s Mummy and then the happiness of finding her again.



I love Shirley Hughes books with fabulous illustrations.  The Alfie and Annie rose series are very special. I really like ‘An evening at Alfies’ and ‘Alfie gets in first’ and of course ‘Dogger’

This is a collection available on amazon which seems to include a lot of my favourites


When they were a little older this book was loved in our house.

It is a lovely book by Dorothy Edwards called ‘My naughty little sister’  It is over 65 years since it was first published but has stood the test of time. I used to share this with my kids producing lot’s of giggles. It is a memory we will always treasure.


You can hear one of my original stories called ‘Fly baby Owlets’ on the album. The smallest baby Owlet – Millie is a little bit unsure. I wonder will she ever learn to fly?

‘Fly baby Owlets’

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