Butterfly activity …Do you think you could pretend to be a beautiful butterfly?

Note to Parents : – you can do this movement butterfly activity with your little ones just the same as practitioners in their setting. Children love it …..

On the album we have lots of fun with teddy playing hide and seek.  Ooh! there are lots of fun things to discover before we find teddy chasing all the butterflies.  After they hear the poem all about the life cycle of the butterfly they can pretend to be the caterpillar ….What will they turn into ?

Now lie down on your tummies that’s it , we are going to pretend to be caterpillars [prepare for giggles] wriggle like a caterpillar, crawl along that’s it, pretend you are a hungry little caterpillar wriggle wriggle that’s it brilliant.

Jump up now- okay everybody listen sssh.

Now we are going to curl up in a little ball just like the caterpillar when it goes inside the chrysalis.

Very good, really small that’s it.

Now very slowly we are going to pretend that we have turned into beautiful butterflies.


Up you get really slowly unfurl just like the butterfly, open your arms wide like wings very good, up on your tippy toes, wave your arms gently, really quietly, the little butterflies are so gentle flitting around the flowers wave your arms like the wings up on your tippy toes that’s it excellent well done.

Okay stay really still don’t move.               Stop moving, listen with your ears….

We are going to play some lovely music while you are fluttering like the beautiful butterflies. Ready – Lovely. ……..
[When you feel it’s time – you can say]

We have your cushions/mats here, lie down now just rest listen to the lovely music …

Link to video of me reading Butterfly Poem


Of course you can read the old favourite The very hungry caterpillar  by Eric Carle

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