Butterfly eggs – Why are they sticky?

Let’s have fun finding out why Butterfly eggs are sticky…


Chat to your child and explain how….

The butterfly lays the eggs on the leaf close to the light.

This is because the caterpillar likes to eat the sweetest leaves near the light.

Another reason the butterfly  is so clever is, the little eggs are sticky.

This means  they won’t roll off the leaf.


Now you can do a fun experiment….


You will need.

A green leaf cut from card.

Some edible silver balls which can be found in the supermarket or on amazon.

silver balls
silver balls 

Non toxic – glue stick.

The idea is the children will get to see how the butterfly eggs stay on the leaf and discover why the Butterfly eggs are sticky.

Place one of the balls on the card/leaf.

Butterfly experiment

Now pretend they are the butterfly eggs.

See if your child can hold the leaf without the egg rolling off. (Prepare for giggles)

Remember sometimes the wind blows so the leaves may move. Very gently.

Now put a little glue (glue stick) on the ball and place it on the card.

Will the egg roll?

The children get a concrete impression of how if the balls/eggs are sticky they will stay on the leaf.

Perhaps your children might like to colour in the pictures or pretend to be the caterpillar turning in to the beautiful butterfly.

They can listen to how we find Teddy chasing all the lovely butterflies on my audio.

Lovely link your children might like to watch all about the Monarch Butterfly.

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