Can you see the Harvest Mouse? Look and Listen…

The harvest mouse

Can you see the harvest mouse

He’s really very small

He weaves himself a tiny nest

Just like a little ball

By Michelle Woodswaldron ©2014

Can you see the tiny Harvest Mouse?
Can you see the tiny Harvest Mouse?

Listen and hear all about the little Harvest Mouse and have a chat about it….

There is a little creature called a harvest mouse that likes to live among the wheat at harvest time. It is a tiny little creature..

One of the smallest rodents in the world. It has lovely soft fur on it’s body and a long tail which is very useful for grasping things and helps it to balance on the corn stalks.

(prehensile tail)

It has five little toes on it’s feet but the outside one is the best for holding on and helps the little mouse feed and groom itself.

It’s only tiny but it is very clever at building nests, especially when it is making them for it’s little babies.

The mummy chooses a nice little spot, about halfway up between two stalks. Then she chooses two leaves one from each stalk and with her teeth she cuts the leaves but she makes sure to leave them attached to the stalk so they are still growing and the nest won’t fall down. Then, she weaves the leaves together. In and out she goes weaving the leaves into a sphere shape around herself  just like a little ball.  She uses lots of leaves to weave in and out leaving a little hole so she can get in and out.

Then when it is ready she puts nice soft shredded leaves inside to make it nice and cosy ready for her little babies.

Can you see all the Wheat ready for harvest ?
Can you see all the Wheat ready for harvest ?

There are some lovely images of the Harvest Mouse here…

Expand on this ………..

There is someone who is very interested in the Harvest Mouse. I wonder who it is?

Listen to audio quiz 

Hear the Owl Poem on my album 

The Harvest mouse weighs about the same as a 20p coin – 5-7grams

You might like to do an experiment with your little ones

You will need

weighing scales ,  a 2o pence coin or some plasticine or playdough.

Show the children a 20p coin. You could weigh the coin or weigh a piece of plasticine or playdough.

Compare the weight – does this feel  heavy or light.

This is a very busy time of year for the farmer.

You can hear all about the trip to to the farm on my audio album

See how this may link into the Themes, Aims and Learning goals of Aistear –Early Childhood Curriculum Framework


Aim 1 Children will learn about and make sense of the world around them.

L.g. 4. learn about the natural environment and its features, materials, animals, and plants, and their own responsibility as carers

Aim 3 Children will explore ways to represent ideas, feelings, thoughts, objects, and actions through symbols.

L.g.6. use books and ICT (software and the internet) for enjoyment and as a source of information.

They will be able to watch the you tube video and examine the images which can be expanded and printed off.


Aim 4 Children will express themselves creatively and imaginatively.

L.g. 5. respond to and create literacy experiences through story, poetry, song, and drama

They can listen to and chat about the Mummy Harvest mouse and how she makes the nests for her babies

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