Wow! Can you spot “The Seagull” ? at the seashore

 Going down to the seashore and watching the seagulls is lovely to do with your little ones.

“The seagull” is a little poem which  I have written for you and your children to enjoy.

Have a chat with them about what they are seeing.

Use the words from the poem like for example ‘soar’ – this will help to enrich their vocabulary and comprehension skills as they watch the seagull in action.

The Seagull

Poem By Michelle Woodswaldron ©2015

We watch the Seagull fly
It soars into the sky
It flaps its wings and then it glides
Swooping and calling
Watch it dive

Watch it closely as it seeks
It’s going to catch it’s prey
Watch it dive
It’s caught a fish
Wahoo! Catch of the day

Seagull poem Watch it dive
Seagull poem
Watch it dive

You will hear about the Seagull and more in another poem called  the seashore  on the digital download.

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