Learning about different cultures – Let’s have fun balancing

One of  the things children can learn about is how people carry goods on their heads and try it out for themselves.

Walking the line is great fun and there are lots of variations with great opportunities for learning whilst having fun.

Try walking the line whilst balancing objects on your head…..


The children will have practised walking the line slowly without anything. 

You will need a -basket


– also try beanbag without the basket

Okay we are going to do walking the line but today we are going to do something very special. Do you remember we looked at the pictures of how people carry goods on their heads in Africa. Well people also carry goods on their heads in India and we are going to try and carry the basket on our heads today. [prepare for giggles]

Okay really quiet now, just watch.

Mimi carefully put the basket with the beanbag in it on top of her head. She started to walk along the line but the basket wobbled so Mimi put her hand up to steady it. The children watched as Mimi very slowly walked down the line.

Now said Mimi Pete would you like to try….

The children all had a turn and had great fun.



Tip – it is essential that this exercise is demonstrated using very slow very controlled movements.

No sound is made as this will detract from the exercise. Remember the children will do your actions but speeded up so if you do it really slowly they will usually carry it out at a normal pace. If you speed up they will go way faster.

This activity can be great for concentration improving motor skills – balance 



 Note to Parents:-

Walking the line is a lovely exercise to do with your children. It is usually done in the classroom especially Montessori but would be great fun to do at home as well.

 The line can be made from masking tape.

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Republic day in India is January 26th


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