Christmas Advent Fun Ho! Ho! Ho! h for hat

Can you spot Santa’s  hat

h has the sound of h for hat and h for ?

I wonder which part of the body Santa wears his hat on? …It begins with the letter h Can you guess?

Chat with your little one about the parts of their body. Ask them to point to where they might wear their hat.

When they are really familiar with the parts of the body ….do the body quiz

What’s inside my body?

Can you see?…even the dog is wearing a hat isn’t that funny


Aww Look! This Teddy has a Christmas hat on

christmas-teddy suitcase_NEW

There is another part of the body that begins with h

h for hands 

Remember to make sure you involve your little ones in activities using their hands as it can be calming especially this time of year

How about making some stars

Hope your little ones are enjoying the Christmas advent fun so far ,,,keep checking back

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