Hello March watch out for colourful Rainbows

March is a lovely month for Rainbows. Your children might spot them in the sky overhead.

They may hear about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on St. Patrick’s Day.

Looking at rainbows is a fantastic opportunity to reinforce learning about colours.

You can have lots of fun seeing rainbow colours in lovely bubbles 

We might pack bubbles?
Listen to the original poem

Have fun with your children painting rainbows.

rainbow-by lcr3cr

You could paint their hands in the colours of the rainbow. Cut them out and mount them on the wall in the shape of a rainbow.

Colourful Dancing Rainbows

Have little crystals,

These are from a necklace
These are from a necklace

One lovely idea is to

Hang prisms/beads  around the room.

Position them so they catch the light.

Let the children lie down on their cushions and just be still watching the colours dance.

You may play some gentle music in the background very softly.

Nb; your own demeanour is important. As you become totally relaxed the children will follow suit.


If you have a parachute like the one shown in the image the children can have great fun.

How about singing the rainbow song.

rainbow parachute


The children all lie on the floor on mats/cushions

you and other adults or older children move the parachute gently up and down over them

 sing the rainbow song or have it playing in the background

Very calming and relaxing

This is a nice version

Sing a Rainbow is taken from their new hit DVD ‘Kids’ Favourite songs’.


Here is a link to a little story from “Mimi’s preschool”

There is a special tree with bark that looks like rainbow colours. Have fun making your own eucalyptus tree,,, come back soon to find out more.

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