Elephant poem By Michelle Woodswaldron ©2015

Perhaps you might like to focus on the Elephant for Africa Day on May 25th


Here is an original poem I wrote

 The Elephant

 The elephant has a

big long trunk

It’s saggy skin is grey

It has big tusks

It’s really strong

Can push things in it’s way


Look at me I have big ears

They flap and keep me cool

I have a really long trunk

That acts just like a tool


It helps me grasp what I need

To eat and sleep and play

When I need to keep cool

My trunk makes water spray


Elephants are really smart

They are so big and heavy

They stomp around with their big feet

You try stomp

Are you ready……

 By Michelle Woodswaldron ©2015

incorporate some gross motor movement….

Stomp like the elephant, swing your arm like a trunk.

Make a noise trump just like the elephant.

Stomp stomp stomp…..



 Perhaps you might see elephants if you go to the zoo

 On the album we will hear about a trip to the zoo.

Listen very carefully … You might be able to  hear the elephant

 more about the Elephant 




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