Daffodil Experiment – Create some magic with your little ones –

Daffodils are lovely and grow in lots of different places. Your children can have fun spotting them when they are out. You might like to do this experiment with them.


After 2 days later Look at the Daffodil now.
2 days later
Look at the Daffodil now.

This experiment is like magic. Create  great fun experience for you and your children.


Watch your child’s excitement grow as they see the flower change colour.

There are lots of Daffodils around this time of year and this particular flower works well for this experiment.


What you will need for experiment..


glass jar/vase

water & some red food colouring

( red works paticularly well but if you have another colour in the cupboard it will work too)

medicine dropper


This is a great way to show your child how the water travels to the petals.

A lovely way to show the children how flowers drink water……

Chat to your child….

(The following are examples of things you might like to say. (include little questions & observations)

Today we are going to do a very special experiment.

 We  have a beautiful flower called a daffodil.

What colour is it ?

The flower needs water. So we will pour some water into the vase.

We are going to do something very special.

We will see where the water goes when the flower absorbs it.

Now we have some food colouring and the eye dropper. What colour is the food dye?

We are going put a few drops in the water.

Ready!  can you put in a drop? ( using the dropper is excellent for improving your childs pincer grasp/

Oh look! can you see the red dye floating in the water?

 – squeeze the dropper and let it go – watch the red go down in the water. Can you see the water beginning to change colour?

Put around 6 – 10 drops in small vase.

We have a spoon so we can stir the water to make sure the food colouring is mixed properly.

 You can stir the water – gently well done.

What colour is the water now ?

Now we are going to put the daffodil in the red water.

Can you see the long stem ?–

We will have to watch and see what happens to the lovely flower.

If we leave it on the nature table/window sill  we can  check to see if the petals change colour over the next few days.

They will want to see what happens straight away but explain  – You will have to wait a little while, but you can keep an eye on it .

I bet when we check in the  morning we will  see something happening.

child watering flowers

When the children water the plants and flowers in the garden this experiment will help enlighten them as to  how the flowers take in the water and nutrients.

Link to little poem about planting seeds

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