Simple fun & learning with bubbles



b has the sound of b for bubbles


Let’s have fun blowing bubbles.

Blowing bubbles is not only great fun but it is a great skill to teach your little ones.



Bubbles bubbles in the air

Bubbles bubbles everywhere

Gently blow the bubbles

Watch them float into the air

Dip the stick into the pot

Gently blow and watch them pop


Bubbles float up high

Bubbles float down low

See their colours catch the light

Just like rainbows really bright

By michelle woodswaldron ©2014

You can hear this poem on my album 

Learning to blow is such fun.  Sometimes blowing can be difficult so one little tip is place a little feather in your hand and let your child blow.


They can blow and then try to catch it as it floats. This can be great for building their confidence.

At Christmas time you can find decorations with silver strands which your child can blow. The silver catches the light as they blow which is magical.

Try blowing some tinsel. watch it move.


Be sure to have lots of fun

Of course b also has the sound of b for books

A beautiful book I recommend for children who are a little older

Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey


A little tip— It is great to get your children involved in activities using their hands especially at this time of year as doing this may be calming. 


Here is a little activity b for bauble


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