Game balancing on one leg like Flamingo

The children can have great fun with this little  game balancing on one leg,

They will have heard about the flamingo on the album. 

Have a little chat about this beautiful bird and carry out little activity…very simple but very effective.

The children know about how the Flamingo can balance on one leg, and how it even falls asleep standing on one leg. Now they can have fun trying to balance just like the Flamingo.

You can extend their learning by introducing the element of timing the activity.

Game - Balancing on one leg
Game  Balancing on one leg



fun activity
incorporates – gross motor movement.

Okay everyone find a space.

Now we are going to try and balance on one leg just like the Flamingo.

Bend one knee bring one foot up off the floor, that’s it, ooh it’s difficult try putting out your arms to the side that will help.

Well done good try.

Now we are going to see how long we can balance on one leg.

We will set the timer 30 seconds see how we go.

Ready do your best excellent. Try to be really still and quiet.

See, Mimi whispered, we are balancing just like the flamingo’s very good

You can extend the time – if the children are enjoying the activity keep going. –
They are learning about the length of time as well with the timer.

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