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ISL – Irish Sign Language awareness week 16th September -24th

It’s great to let your children know that there are lots of different ways in which we can communicate with each other. You can have great fun with this listening to people speaking other languages  and using all sorts of ways to communicate with each other.

You can explain that people who are deaf or can’t hear very well may use sign language to communicate



love sign language


Sign language is really great

A fun way to communicate

My hands communicate real well

They help me when I speak

It’s really fun with I S L

Sign language is neat


I S L everywhere is a website set up for parents 



Here is a link to show the children           This is a lovely link to show your child of Minnie Mouse using sign language




Count from 1 – 20 using Irish Sign Language


You could learn to sign the alphabet yourself and show the children or you could invite a member of the deaf community to visit and chat to the children.

check with parents – they may have knowledge of sign language or know of someone who does.

You could pretend to speak with no noise coming from your mouth

for example – you could say a poem that the children are really familiar with – do the actions.

The children will be a little confused and probably giggle but keep going without sound and then do it again with sound….

Give the children some sense of what it would be like to be hard of hearing.




We know how great it is to introduce the children to different cultures and expose them to different languages.

Just as it is important to show the children various cultures and all different people on the wall in pictures it is equally important to include all the people who use different objects to help their bodies work like a person who is blind using cane and brailler.

We have been looking at different parts of the body, learning the names, looking at our bones and what is inside the body making sure to protect our skin.

Fantastic way to look at things is to incorporate all the ways in which parts of our bodies are helped to work.


girl wearing glasses

Its is good to show the children pictures of people wearing glasses.

Those with frames – walking sticks – canes – wheelchairs.

Kids ready to go out

The use of hearing aids. Expand this to look at sign language

Can you see the hearing aid
Can you see the hearing aid

Here is a link to a great site I came across  toylikeme.org

Below is a link to some images you may find useful to show the children….



 link to colouring pages which may be useful


See how introducing the children to sign language may meet some of  the  Aims and Learning goals in the

Aistear Early Childhood Curriculum Framework


AIM 1 Children will use non-verbal communication skills.

lg 4. understand and respect that some people will rely on non-verbal communication

as their main way of interacting with others  


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