Learning is fun – toy car activities

I hope you and your children enjoy these simple activities where they will be learning without even realising it…

Lots of parents say to me ” my little one loves to play with one thing in particular”.

I know my son used to be completely fascinated by anything to do with cars, wheels etc.


So I thought I would give you some ideas on how you may expand their learning whilst focusing on their particular interest.


When I was teaching in Dublin one little lad came in everyday clutching his bag of cars.

In this particular  post I will concentrate on the above…


See how one small thing can trigger lots of learning experiences.


Brian came in every morning clutching a bag of his favourite cars.

No amount of persuasive tactics could make him part with them. He loved his cars. So I  thought  about it and decided to try and go with his interest.

Here are some of the ideas

You will be able to see how you may help your child  in their learning and development.

fun with cars

Do these over time not all at once  relax and engage your child if one thing doesn’t work you can try another.


1 .Okay Brian lets take out the mat and you can put all your cars in a row. Line them up in a straight line one behind the other.

Can we put the blue cars behind each other. Now the red. Which colour would you like to use next?


  1. Today we are going to match the cars. Can you find  ones the same?

Put them in twos under each other. This gives them a chance to match one at a time.

You can extend this over time by saying can you match the same model or this car has two doors can you find another like that.


learning is fun
learning is fun
  1. Now Brian look we have some number signs here. ( make sure the number is clear – you could write the number on a piece of card)

Can you drive one car and park it in front of number 1.

Excellent. Can you show me number?…… 2 [if they don’t know their numbers yet – say this is the number two]

Can you drive the cars up and park them in front of number 2 – Count the cars 1 …2..

Now number 3 how many do we need to park 1 , 2, 3 brilliant.

 We have another sign over here its number 4  can we park 4 cars over here

well done that’s it how many do we have 1,2,3 4   here comes 5 


They will be learning counting skills but also they will begin to associate the symbol with what it represents.


  1. We have lots of pictures of different cars would you like to have a look. Have a little chat about all the cars in the pictures. Do you have a car at home? Who drives the car?……….

Engage them in conversation  – it helps if you ask open ended questions ( by this I mean try to ask them things where they are encouraged to say more than just yes or no}


  1. Today we are going to cut out some pictures of cars and stick them on card and you can show mummy later.


  1. We are doing some special painting today – we are going to make tracks on the paper using the car. Dip the car wheels in the paint tray and then roll them on the paper. Wow look at that – red tyre tracks fantastic. Which colour next. –

Nb :-  use different car – not one of Brian’s special ones) he may decide to use his but this should be his choice..)

what shape can we make – drive round in a circle

oh look you have made a  diagonal line….


  1. Would you like to  drive the cars in the sand pit. You can use the digger as well. Play away.

sandbox-yellow truck

Garage and road mat are always great



  1. Circle time today we are going to look at all different kinds of transport. (you can do this at home aswell)


 Have model vehicles – different cars, digger. Tractor, bin lorry, fire engine. Oil tanker, police car, ambulance, airplane, boat…….

 Here is  a great link to learn about fire safety…https://www.youtube.com/user/nfpadotorg


  1. Invite community workers to come and visit for eg. St. johns ambulance, the fire service, the garda,

(good tip I learnt at Canavan & Byrne conference – make sure you say to the person in advance that you would like them to bring garda car/police car  so the children are not disappointed)


  1. Begin to learn colours – starting with the primary colours –

Red, blue, yellow

This is a red car
This is a red car


This is blue
This is blue


This is yellow
This is yellow


They will be able to show you the colour before they can name the colour.  

You can reinforce their learning and increase their confidence by getting them to show you the colour. ( If they are unsure you could show them something coloured  yellow  and say can you show me the yellow car. Well done yellow ) Never rush the show me stage. 

The concept of ….This is  – Show me – What is this ? is based on Dr Montessori’s 3 period lesson 



These are just some ideas  where the child will be able to experience lots of learning opportunities based on their interest in cars


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