Learning about Nature -Let’s chat about leaves

Coming into Autumn now and we can see the leaves beginning to change colour ….


 You can have a little chat with the children. This encourages them to become observant and watch what is happening around them.


In Summer the trees are covered with green leaves. Green leaves make food for the tree.chestnut-tree-leaves-summer

They need sunlight, air and water to make food for the tree.chestnut-tree-leaves-in-autumn

In Autumn we do not have as much sunshine and the leaves cannot make the food and the leaves begin to lose their green colour.

Some trees are evergreen which means their leaves stay green all year round just like the fir tree.



But some trees lose their leaves in Autumn. They are called deciduous trees.


The leaves turn yellow, red, orange and brown really beautiful colours and then eventually as it turns to winter the leaves fall off the trees.




The branches of these trees are bare in winter


and then when Spring comes we see the little buds begin to grow again.

Spring is beckoning ….We are coming in to a lovely time of year when the new little buds are starting to appear and we can see the shoots peeping up from the ground. Your children will love watching out for everything beginning to grow.





This a really simple version..

You can extend on this introducing more about  photosynthesis  Here is a good link explaining the process 

If your child is really interested go with it and have fun….


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