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By Michelle Woodswaldron ©2015

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 Have lot’s of fun listening to the audio and chatting with your little ones about what they hear and see.

January starts the year
Everyone says happy New Year
Sometimes it rains sometimes it snows
We skate and slide and splash and glow.


February start of spring
See buds start to appear
New life begins to blossom
Animals begin to stir.

March month of St. Patricks day
Celebrations all the way
Lots of rain and bright bright sun
Rainbows we can gaze upon.

April sees the daffodils
Standing proudly on the hills
Frogspawn then tadpoles swimming deep
Soon turn into frogs and leap.

May the month of maypole dance
Little animals can prance
Lifecycle of the butterfly
They begin to flit and fly.

June the month of summer breezes
Trips to beach and ice cream freezes.

July the month of sunshine fair
Holidays and summer fairs.

August beckons summers end
The farmers to the harvest tend.


September brings in autumns call

We see the leaves turn brown and fall
Harvest safely gathered in
Jams and fruits preserved in tins.

October brings us Halloween
Costumes and trick or treat
Animals are busy
Getting ready for winter sleep.

November sees the earth quite still
And all around you feel the chill
Never mind Thanksgivings here
Bringing feelings of good cheer.

December lights and fires in grates
Christmas is here
Let’s celebrate

By michellewoodswaldron © 2014

This poem is useful when planning lessons/activities for the year

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