Fun quiz -Listen & guess the body parts.

This is fun to do when the children are familiar with the body parts.

  Listen & try to answer without looking at the pictures,,,Have fun…

Reinforces learning body parts in a fun way. You can have fun adding more….

 What is this?

It is on my face.

I have teeth to make me smile

I use this to eat

I have lips and tongue to taste

I speak through it

what is it?



I listen with these.

I have two.

They are on the sides of my head

I can hear loud and soft noises.

what are they?



I have one of these on my face

I use it to smell

I breathe in through the nostrils

What is it?



I have two of these

They  are on my face

I use them to see

I have eyelashes

I have eyelids to blink

The coloured part is the iris

What are they?



This grows on my head

I can brush it

It can be short or sometimes it can be long

You can put it up in a ponytail.

What is it?



You  use these for lots of things.

They have  fingers you can count

They  have two thumbs

They  have nails

They have palms

What are they?



I have two of these

Part of these are my


My elbow

And my wrist

on the end of them I have my hands

What are they?



I have two of these they help me walk

And run and jump

Part of these are my thighs

My knees

My calves are at the back

My shins are at the front

And down the bottom are my ankles and my foot

What are they?



I have two of these

They have an ankle

A heel

A sole underneath

10 wiggly toes

What am I?



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