Happy Halloween Listen to fun audio

Happy Halloween


Listen to the audio and learn the ‘sounds’ of the alphabet whilst having a little chat all about Halloween.

A note to parents. This is a fun way of introducing the name of the letter and the corresponding sound. They will also be able to see the letter ‘symbol’ and learn to associate it with the name and sound. 

We can wander through the alphabet and discover lots of letters like

A has the sound of  ‘ a ‘  for Abrakadabra, Alakazamm, let’s have as much fun as we can ..

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Listening to the audio with your child gives you the opportunity to have a chat with them. For example h for hands. You can reinforce the importance of making sure your children hold hands with you or another adult if they go out on Halloween.  

Tip: You could point to or hold up the letter as  you hear /say  the name and sound. 
You can expand and print the a to z letters and words then point to the letter whilst listening to the audio.


 A has the sound of  a  for apples

We eat lots of apples and fruit at Halloween, lovely red and green and yellow apples mmmm.


B has the sound of   b  for bats

 Did you know bats go to sleep hanging up side down. Isn’t that funny.


 C has the sound of  c  for costumes

 People like to dress up at Halloween

I wonder what you might like to dress up as? Maybe a princess or a robot.

C for candles. Sometimes people light candles at Halloween but never touch them.


D has the sound of  d  for decorations.

Some people put up lots of decorations at Halloween.


E has the sound of  e  for excitement.

Oooh it’s great fun getting dressed up playing games and having lovely treats.


F has the sound of    f    for fun

& f for fireworks

Sometimes there are fireworks at Halloween they light up the sky.


G has the sound of  g  for games –

People like to play games at Halloween like apple bobbing


H has the sound of     for Happy Halloween &

 h for hands – if you go outside at Halloween you must hold hands with a grown up.


 I has the sound of  i  for imagine

Imagine all the fun ideas we can think of for Halloween.


J has the sound of   j   for jokes

Some people like to play jokes and tricks on Halloween little rascals.


K has the sound of   k   for  kind –

People are very kind at Halloween – when the children come knocking on the door they give them lovely apples and treats.


L has the sound of   l   for  lollipops

L for lollipops and lots of lovely treats. We have to remember to brush our teeth.


M has the sound of   m   for masks –

Sometimes we wear masks at Halloween &

m has the sound of m for magic. It’s a magical time.


N has the sound of   n  

for night time when it gets dark.


O has the sound of   o   for oranges –

We can have lots of yummy fruit at Halloween

and o for orange Pumpkins


P has the sound of  p  for pumpkin.

Maybe you could help carve a pumpkin for Halloween and make it light up.


Q for ? . I wonder which stories you like to read at Halloween.

One of my favourites is Winnie the Witch.  by Valerie Thomas.


R has the sound of   r   for ring the bell

Ring the door bell –” trick or treat – any apples or nuts please”


S has the sound of   s   for safe.

It is really important to be safe at Halloween. You must listen to the grownups.


T has the sound of   t   for trick or treat &

t for thank you – It is important to say “Thank you” and Happy Halloween.


U has the sound of   u   for Up

Sometimes we get to stay up a little bit later on Halloween.


V has the sound of   v   for vampire.

You might see people dressed up in funny/scary costumes at Halloween.


W has the sound of   w   for Witches &

Wizards and Wands.  It’s wonderful.

Winnie the witch has fun with her magic wand.


X has the sound of   x  like the sound you hear in the word box.


X for xray. An xray is a special picture of the bones inside your body.

Some people like to dress up as skeletons isn’t that funny.


Y has the sound of   y

Y for yippee happy Halloween


Z has the sound of    z   

Z for ZZzzzz,,,,, Time for big sleep after all the fun of Halloween.


“I hope you have the most fantastic Halloween ever. “


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  2. Michelle, Many thanks for your recent audio. My little guy absolutely loves your halloween theme alphabet audio..great way to learn and it keeps his attention as he gets excited for halloween xx


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