This Pancake Tuesday have lots of fun and learn

Pancake Tuesday 25th February 2020

Add to the fun of making pancakes with your little ones.

Learn about the lovely fruit to eat with them.

Help your children learn about different textures

experience new tastes

and give them the opportunity to

increase their vocabulary

all whilst having fun.

I like pancakes with fruit

Maybe you like your pancakes with lemon juice?

How about showing the children where the juice comes from….

In the following  activity you can introduce your children to new tastes and textures….

lemon squeezer

You will need

Old fashioned juice extractor /squeezer

Lemons – Oranges

Facilty to wash hands = Basin suddy water – could get messy

Have separate cups/glasses or little spoons to taste.

A knife to slice fruit – under adult supervision

 Show the children how to squeeze out the juice of the lemon

This is a lovely hands on experience.

The children get to see  how the juice comes from the fruit, by doing it themselves in the old fashioned way .

Help  your child to rinse the extractor

and then  ask them to squeeze the orange

Have separate cups/glasses or little spoons to taste.

sour face

Prepare for giggles and some grimaces.

This is a great way to introduce the contrast of sweet and sour.

Chat to the children and introduce them to the new words like bitter and sour.

They will be using language to interpret experiences, increasing their vocabulary – For example this tastes bitter.

Extend their learning

orange in childs hand
Have them feel the skin.

Teach your child the names of the fruits

The following is loosely based on the 3 period lesson used in the Montessori method.

 Choose some fruit for example one orange, one peach and a lemon

Its great if you use at least one fruit that they are very familiar with because then they will definitely get one right and this increases their confidence.

  STEP 1

 – Place the orange in front of the child   (on table)

 – Say – This is an orange (repeat)   – let them touch and feel it.

emphasise the word orange

  – Replace the orange with the peach

Say -This is a peach – peach

Again – Encourage your child to touch the peach

Replace with lemon

This is a lemon – lemon


 – Place  the peach, orange and lemon in front of the child

 Say- Can you show me the peach

 Show me the lemon

show me the orange

switch fruit mixing it up  and ask again  (repeat)

make it more fun by covering the fruit as you mix them up

(could use a cloth)


Place the orange in front of the child

Ask what is this?

Take the orange away and replace with peach

What is this?

Replace with the lemon

Ask What is this?

NB  Don’t worry if your child is not sure how to name the fruit. They will be able to show it to you and this stage should newer be rushed.

Chat with them

Describe how the fruit feels … for example – This feels hard /soft

Try to introduce lots of words

Heavy. light. hard soft.

What do you think it feels like?

Have other fruits like an apple or banana ,kiwi ones you love…

introduce more over time

This feels rough or

Feel this , it’s very smooth.

Compare the different fruits

Show  the children how to  peel and pull the pieces apart .

slice the fruit.

They can taste and experience the feel of the different textures.

feel texture fruit

It is wonderful for the children to explore the peel and the flesh of the fruit.

They can learn so much using all their senses including smell and taste.

Hope you and your children enjoy your pancakes

  Serve them with lots of fruit.

The bonus is your children will be learning healthy eating habits without even realising.

cook pancake healthy eating

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