FUN ACTIVITY        – Penguin game

Anyone for a hug ?- Let’s huddle up like the Penguins.

Penguins live where it is very cold

– They are very clever and huddle together to keep warm.

Let’s have a little game and pretend we are like the penguins

use same tune as – the farmer wants a wife …….

We keep the penguin warm

We keep the penguin warm

Snuggle in the middle now

We keep the penguin warm

Go round in a circle one child stands in the middle then you all huddle around him.,,,,take turns

By sticking together they can cut heat loss by half. Penguins on the periphery feel the cold more than those in the centre, so it is crucial that the huddle is continuously reorganized to give each penguin their time in the middle.

information sourced at link

see video of penguins huddling together


Aww ….look at the baby penguin..

On the album track 2 we hear about all the animals we might see if we take a trip to the zoo.

I wonder would you see some Penguins…?

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