First Day At School Poem – When Will You Be Back ?

First day at school is really exciting and daunting.

You will find some little tips at the end of the poem.

Just make sure to enjoy it and by the way…

When Will You be Back?

This is a special poem I wrote for all the Mums and Dads with little ones setting off to school for the first time.

Get the tissues ready. Enjoy the day and be sure to make lots of lovely memories.

It’s a lovely poem to share with your children too …

By Michelle Woodswaldron © 2017

Be sure to chat to your children about what may happen and give them a little timeline of how the day may go in advance. Not too complicated just very simple …. when you get up we can have lovely breakfast & then get ready, perhaps have a little play, mention what time you will be leaving and a couple of things which may happen, give them the time when you or whoever is picking them up will be there. It is important that they know and it is really  reassuring  for them to know you will be coming back.

Oh! by the way …They can listen to my album on the way. It’s great for school run and it’s on special now.

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