Poems about the weather by MichelleWoodswaldron ©

What’s the weather like today…..


Here are some of my poems you might like to share with your little ones.

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The wind


Sometimes the wind is strong “Whoosh”

You feel it on your face

It blows your hair

It blows and blows

It whips about the place


Sometimes the wind is gentle “shssh”

Blows softly as a breeze

Its fun to stand and feel it

As it plays around the leaves

by Michelle Woods Waldron©2014





Thunder crashes

lightning flashes

rain beats down so fast

wind is swirling howling twirling

cuddle up the storm won’t last


by michelle Woods Waldron©2014




 By michelle woodswaldron © 2014

We love it when you water

all the lovely plants and trees

we love it when we splash

in puddles right up to our knees


But most of all we love the days

when sun comes out to smile

and makes a lovely rainbow

high up in the sky     


The Sun

The sun is like a big round ball

Shining in the sky

It gives us lot’s of heat and light

It makes me want to smile    


Watch out for the Cloudy day poem ….available soon


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