Spring is in the air – Lovely time to explore & learn about nature

Spring is a wonderful time of year to explore and learn about nature.

wild-cherry-blossoms-in spring

Have lots of adventures with your children and allow them to experience the beauty around them. Don’t forget to bring your favourite Teddy..


One way to help your children learn is to have a little chat  about the way the  leaves change throughout the seasons….


In springtime you will see the leaves on the deciduous trees begin to grow again.
Watch and see the little shoots and buds as they begin to grow.



Then in summer they will be in full bloom again.

In summer the trees are covered with green leaves.
The green leaves are like little factories. They make food for the tree.
Leaves need sunshine, air and water to make food.


In autumn when their is not as much sunlight, the leaves of the deciduous trees loose their green colour and cannot make food for the tree any more. So the leaves turn yellow, red, orange and brown.


They fall off the trees.

In winter time the branches are bare with no leaves at all

Can you see any leaves ?

Some trees like the fir tree that we see at Christmas time are evergreen.
Evergreen trees do not lose all their leaves in autumn.



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