Some fun to keep you & the kids sane :) ….

Hi everyone I would love to help with some simple ideas to keep you & the kids sane for the next little while.

…. most important …have lots of giggles …

The following list is completely random 🙂 but hopefully might help I will add to list as I think of things so keep checking back 🙂

I will update with different simple ideas for kids preschool & primaryschool age for them to enjoy. Get the older ones to explore the site and find ideas…. Heres one to get you started.

Please make sure to explore the site and have fun following the links especially in (category” more to explore”). Ensure you Scroll to the end of posts and click on tabs to lead you to more fun. I am hoping you and your children will enjoy exploring and it will spark off ideas for you to do

Listening fun

Go to my facebook page —-for little video story

Teddy loves chasing butterfiles 🙂 Do you think you could pretend to be a butterfly?

–Make sure to sing your hearts out …put on your favourite music and dance …

I wonder can you guess ? Listen to the quiz….
See if you can answer without looking at the pictures…Have fun,

Remember the importance of getting your little ones engaged using their hands…Heres a story they can listen to & also activity to go with it x # Note to parents # A natural sponge is great but if you can’t get one the ordinary sponge works just as well x

–since we can’t get to St. Patricks Day parade …how about this…

–Lovely idea I saw on facebook of getting the children to put artwork on the windows for St. patricks Day so if others are out for walk (from a distance can see it ) I seen lot’s of lovely artwork on the windows …Well done to the kids Yay !!!

–Pitch a tent in the back garden …. great fun for the kids ….added bonus adds more space for both parents and kids –nice little break for both…

–Make homemade tent =simple sheet or blanket over table –cushions etc

–Snuggle up with good book ..

–Share stories …remember teddy loves cuddles too x # Go to my facebook page to watch me tell a story. I am sharing other peoples stories aswell .#

–Hear one of my stories

I wonder will the baby owls learn to fly ? You can hear this on the digital download…

–puzzle books are great fun…mine loved the Usborne -puzzle island -town etc…

Do you think you can balance like a flamingo?

plant some seeds— weed the flower beds–

–Come on lets crawl to the ugly bug ball

— put on wet gear and let them have basins and buckets …they can fill & pour to their hearts content….

—This is good activity older kids can get involved too …followthe links.

–Remember good tip…. get them involved using their hands …when they get absorbed using their hands it seems to have great calming affect.

–Can you pretend to be Jack in the box ?

— Here’s one they will love ….Bubbles so simple & such fun.

–Listen to the audio it’s great fun …be sure to have your favourtie teddy ready …great review here

–Go watch the seagulls

–This might be an interesting link… Download free colouring books from museums

Another link which may be of interest —

Woodland fun

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