Here are some tips about your child’s early years.. but most importantly

Always remember- You excel at raising your child …

I hope you enjoy this fun play on the words “Formative years” and learn some valuable tips aswell….


Sometimes as a  parent it may feel a little daunting when you hear words like Formative years  but they really are wonderful. Read on for some simple tips to help you make the most of this valuable  time …



Feeling  good about the formative years between birth and six is important because this is the time when the foundations are being laid for your child’s future.


Overwhelmed? Be assured, these early years really are a fantastic time. This is when your child has a natural instinct to learn and develop. There are lots of simple things you can do to enhance this process. One tip is to engage them in activities using their hands as this helps bring about concentration. There are lots of fun activities and ideas to engage  in.


Remember it is the time when your little one is endeavouring to make sense of the world around them. One way to help them with this is to have a set place for things. For example a special corner for their books. Reading with your child is magic. Share a story and create memories to treasure. Give your child the opportunity to listen to and say rhymes.


Most importantly your child will be learning all sorts of movement as they grow and develop. You can help by providing lots of opportunity to move indoors and out. Improving their pincer grasp (fine motor skills) is excellent. One way to do this is let them pick up grains of rice using their thumb and forefingers. It takes time and practise. No rush.


Amazing – because in these early years your child has what Dr. Montessori calls an “Absorbent Mind” when they are like sponges ready to learn so much. They have an innate ability to take in so much knowledge so why not take advantage of this and enhance their first early education experience.


Time There is no rush. Each child develops at their own pace. Some 3 year olds for example are well able to do things aimed at the older child and sometimes the reverse happens. Each child is unique. You can always ask the experts if you are unsure, they will be delighted because  the early years are a great time to help your child if they need it.


incredibly these little children have the ability to be so independent and this should be nurtured.

“Help me to do it for myself ”          Quote from Dr. M. Montessori

Inspire your child to learn ignite their imaginations.


Valuable period for learning vocabulary. It is the time when they are naturally absorbing language.It is incredible to hear your child learn to speak. Expose your child to lots of words, Communicate with them. Engage your little one in conversation. Use the right names for things. It makes it easier for them later on. Give your child opportunities to enjoy listening.


Experience the excitement of the early years, engage with your child and enjoy every minute.

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You as the parent are the primary educator of your child. You are fantastic. Remember in your child’s eyes you are everything, isn’t this magic, you mean the world to them. They learn so much from you.


Excel and revel in this time with your little one.


At times it may seem daunting when people talk about “the terrible twos ” how about calling them the “terrific twos” it can be helpful to stand back and assess the situation. If your child is upset it could be something as simple as the milk carton is on the table instead of the jug which is always used. To your child when they are trying to make sense of their little world this can be upsetting.


Raising your child is an important job that should be cherished, enjoy every moment.


So…..  Always remember  you are doing a great job. You are your child’s world. Go easy on yourself and enjoy the experience. …. All children are unique 



Hope you find this useful.

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