Hello November… I wonder what the animals are up to?

November is a busy time the animals prepare.. They have to store their winter food. Sleep tight Hedgehog and Bear. November sees the earth quite still, And all around you feel the chill. Never mind Thanksgivings here Bringing feelings of good cheer. Listen to the Calendar poem  By Michelle Woodswaldron ©2015

Woodland poem

  Woodland I wonder who we’ll see today In amongst all the trees I wonder who is hiding there Underneath the leaves Who’s peeping out behind the trunk Of the big old tree I wonder what we’ll find today [quick] let’s look and see……. By michelle woodswaldron ©2014 It’s a little squirrel…. Aah he’s lovely. … Read more Woodland poem

Hedgehog activity -Could you pretend to be a hedgehog?

Around this time of year, the children may be hearing all about the little animals getting ready to hibernate in the winter….. There is a funny little poem on the album all about the little hedgehog looking for it’s food. Perhaps, they might like to play a little game where they pretend to be the … Read more Hedgehog activity -Could you pretend to be a hedgehog?

Have Fun & learn with your favourite Teddy

All your child needs is their favourite teddy… Your children can have lots of fun & learn  Some of the benefits include exercise through moving, increasing their vocabulary – learning about prepositions without even realising all whilst having fun…. Ready to have fun with your  favourite Teddy..   Hold your teddy in front of you. … Read more Have Fun & learn with your favourite Teddy