Happy Halloween Listen to fun audio

Happy Halloween   Listen to the audio and learn the ‘sounds’ of the alphabet whilst having a little chat all about Halloween. A note to parents. This is a fun way of introducing the name of the letter and the corresponding sound. They will also be able to see the letter ‘symbol’ and learn to … Read more Happy Halloween Listen to fun audio

Halloween fun – I’m not scared …..

Sometimes Halloween may be a bit scary for your little ones, They may be unsure so have fun and reassure them by listening to the audio and chat about it before the day.   I have created this fun audio for your little ones to listen to. They can look at the slideshow of images … Read more Halloween fun – I’m not scared …..

Welcome October Listen to Halloween Fun

October Your little ones will be having lots of fun this month hearing all about the autumn and the leaves changing colours. How the animals are getting ready for the winter and of course the excitement of Halloween. Listen to the audio all about Halloween through the sounds of the alphabet.   October brings us … Read more Welcome October Listen to Halloween Fun

White Cane Day

Celebrating International White Cane Day 2016…. Share this song with the children. This original song has been written and performed by students at BLENNZ Music school to celebrate International White Cane Day 2015. BLENNZ is the Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ. Music… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_7gxrwwFt4 See how this may link into the Themes Aims and … Read more White Cane Day