Let it snow ….sing & dance

A little rhyme which can be sung to the tune of Frere Jacques. Encourage your children to have fun and do the actions. Let it snow     Snow is falling [children  wiggle fingers while lowering arms] Snow is falling To the ground [bend down whilst waving arms and fingers] To the ground snowflakes all … Read more Let it snow ….sing & dance

Learning about Nature -Let’s chat about leaves

Coming into Autumn now and we can see the leaves beginning to change colour ….    You can have a little chat with the children. This encourages them to become observant and watch what is happening around them. In Summer the trees are covered with green leaves. Green leaves make food for the tree. They … Read more Learning about Nature -Let’s chat about leaves

What do you wear ? Winter sports

  Have a chat with your little ones about what they might wear on their feet and head in different sports. In winter time you might like to try ice skating What would you wear on your feet?   I wonder what you would wear on your feet if you go skiing? What else do … Read more What do you wear ? Winter sports

Today’s letter is w for winter

W has the sound of  ‘ w ‘  for winter How some animals adapt in winter-  Have fun chatting about these images These animals are very clever because in the summer when there is no snow their fur or feathers are brown and this means they are camouflaged in among the grass trees and bushes. … Read more Today’s letter is w for winter

FUN ACTIVITY        – Penguin game

Anyone for a hug ?- Let’s huddle up like the Penguins. Penguins live where it is very cold – They are very clever and huddle together to keep warm. Let’s have a little game and pretend we are like the penguins use same tune as – the farmer wants a wife ……. We keep the … Read more FUN ACTIVITY        – Penguin game

Caribou march

  You can tell the children a little story about Caribou migration……….. [There are animals just like Reindeer called Caribou in North America ] Caribou live way up near the arctic circle.  A very very cold place. It gets so much snow in winter that the caribou find it really difficult to find the plants … Read more Caribou march

Baby Penguin fun game to play

Can you see the little baby Penguin ? You heard about the Penguin on the album track 2 … Trip to the Zoo Now the children can have fun playing a game…. The ice is much too cold for the young chicks, so to protect the little penguin the mummy or daddy keeps them on their … Read more Baby Penguin fun game to play