Christmas Advent Fun Today’s letter is J


‘ j ‘ has the sound of  j  for jingle

Don’t let the bell jingle…Hee! Hee! 

All you need is some masking tape & a bell

[golden brass bell works great]

Put a long strip of masking tape on the floor in a straight line.

walk along the line slowly one foot in front of the other (like walking the beam)

Now try to do this carrying the bell with one hand

Don’t let the bell ring

This is a lovely to do with your  children

very good for their concentration & balance.


Note to Parents: This exercise is usually carried out in preschool especially ‘ Montessori ‘ but you could do it with your children at home as well. 



The following describes a  lesson walking the line  & then extend carrying the bell



Tip – it is essential that this exercise is demonstrated using very slow very controlled movements.

No sound is made as this will detract from the exercise. Remember the children will do your actions but speeded up so if you do it really slowly they will usually carry it out at a normal pace. If you speed up they will go way faster.

Walking the line ——-

Are we ready {all the children were sitting on the floor watching mimi} on the floor was a long thin straight line {made from masking tape}


Very slowly and very carefully without making any sound Mimi put one foot in front of the other and walked along the line nobody moved everyone watched really closely.

“Ooh will she keep her balance? yes she made it “.

“Now let me see, said Mimi okay Susie would you like to try”. Susie was delighted very carefully she put one foot in front of the other, she swayed a little as she tried to keep her balance. Mimi put her finger on her lips “ssh. ,Well done Susie” ,

“Now Joe your turn whispered Mimi” , Joe stood up and took his hands out of his pockets ready good boy Joe started off slowly and then speeded up….. careful.

All the children had a turn it was great fun.

“Well done” said Mimi.

brass bells
brass bells


Now  today we are going to do walking the line but this time we are going to do it carrying a bell.

But the fun thing is – don’t let the bell ring.

Walk really carefully, slowly –be very careful – will the bell ring?

See if you can walk all the way without hearing any dings…….


There are lots of extensions to this….

Some examples are….

Carrying an empty tray

Carrying the tray with the jug half full of water.

Balancing a basket on your head….this ties in to learning about different cultures & customs.



Of course we can’t forget

J for Jingle Bells

This seems like nice version 


I wonder what fun we can have with 

J for Jack in the box….

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