Happy Valentines Day – share the love -associate the words with the feelings

Have Fun……

There are some lovely posts this month about telling your children  what you love about them.


You can have lot’s of fun doing some actions to go along with telling your child what you love about them.

You know how good you feel for example when you smile and laugh…

help your child to associate the words with the feelings.

You are great at dancing – dance

you have such a lovely smile …….giggle laugh….

you are so funny ….

I love your art – maybe we can draw ourselves dancing.

Your little ones will love singing I love you You love me  along with Barney 

Have great fun with this and play your favourite songs. It can be anytime, just press play and start dancing.

Here’s a link to  a song  I love to play with the little ones…

The beauty of it is you can incorporate lots of fun and movement reaching for the stars.They are listening out for the words and reaching up to the stars

Tell your children…

“I love smiling”

“I love laughing”

“You have a beautiful smile”

“You’re great at reaching high”

It’s lovely for the children to associate the words with the feelings.

Sing your hearts out – lots of good reasons – including …. helps little ones to use their voices.

When singing like this there is no pressure…..

Would love to know what song you love to dance to with the children. Please leave comment …

How about make some stars 

Link to lovely post by Skip to my lou about telling children what you love about them 

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