Welcome September -back to school time…

Remember to make time to relax & have a cuddle with a lovely story..wind down… maybe snuggle up with your favourite teddy & listen to the audio .

Teddy loves listening to stories

Of course getting outside is important & great fun too…

Have you spotted any blackberries yet ?

Listen to the poem “when will you back”

Some little tips for those in early education settings.

One way to help get the kids out in the mornings is to say

“you can listen to the audio on the way”

….Great for the school/creche run …

Have great fun listening to

Teddy where are you?

Teddy knows this time of year is very busy for the farmer.

Teddy loves playing peekaboo! just like this little creature….

I wonder who it is ?

Can you see him peeping out?

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