What do you wear ? Winter sports


Have a chat with your little ones about what they might wear on their feet and head in different sports.

In winter time you might like to try ice skating

skates-child skating

What would you wear on your feet?


Can you see the special blade ?
Can you see the special blade ?

family skating - pixabay

I wonder what you would wear on your feet if you go skiing?

child skis pixabay

What else do you need to wear ?

skis by


 What do you wear on your feet – hands – head if you play ice hockey?


I play ice hockey in Canada
I play ice hockey in Canada

 You can chat about the things you need to wear and this may lead on  to protection and the importance of safety. It may give you the opportunity to reinforce the need to  always wear helmet when cycling on your bike or when out on your scooter.

Extend to….

what kind of clothes to wear in  winter .

These snow shoes look funny


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