What’s the Weather like today?

Teddy loves Autumn.

Teddy where are you 3

The beautiful colours and the fun to be had playing in the fallen leaves.


The weather is changing a lot and it provides a great opportunity to chat with your children about the different kinds of weather.

I wonder what the weather is like today?

You can incorporate lot’s of fun and learning with your little ones.


Have a little discussion about what the weather is like today.

Look out of the window – what can you see?

Is it raining today?

Listen to the Rain Poem

What do we wear in the rain?

Sometimes it can be hard to explain that they need to wear their coat….

Perhaps you might like to do this little experiment with them.


Collecting rain water – This can provide great fun & learning. Place a container / bucket outside in the garden. You can help them measure how much is collected especially on rainy days. You can record how long it takes for the container to fill.


I absolutely love Rainbows

autumn rainbow

Rainbow experiment

Little story  lesson – I can see a rainbow

(Will they discover it for themselves – this links into Aistear)

Look out of the window… I wonder is it Cloudy today?

link to weather poems

You could tell them a little about the water cycle

Please note I have not used this book myself but it looks good

Look out of the window … I wonder is it windy today?

One idea would be to place  a windmill just outside on the windowsill so that children can judge if it is windy.

windmill flower

You can say the Wind – poem with them



Incorporate outdoor activity – A lovely idea is when they are outside encourage them to stay really still… Can you feel the breeze….?

If it’s really windy it may blow their hair.

Encourage them to listen.

Can you hear the wind?

Is is rustling in the leaves?



Link it in with the seasons –   OOh! It’s winter time I wonder will we have more snow.

frosty window


In winter time  it might be really cold and we will have to wrap up warm. Maybe it will be frosty and we will be able to see our breath. You might see some frost on the window or on the grass and trees outside.

Do you think there might be snow?  or is it cloudy today?

Sometimes the sun shines really brightly but it’s not hot like in summer time….


I wonder will it  snow where you live at Christmas ?


Maybe you will be able to make snowmen

Try The quiz who am I?

Maybe you might like to do the Ice cube experiment

Perhaps you might like to look at how some animals change in winter 

I wonder who hibernates for the winter

We have had some storms already ….

Listen to the Stormy poem in audio

In winter time we wrap up nice and warm

Just like Teddy all snug

Have a little chat about the clothes we wear in different kinds of weather.


What about when it is Spring & Summer?

I wonder what you might wear when it is Sunny?

Look out of the window …maybe it will be sunny today

 When we go out in the sunshine we need to put on suncream…..

The sun poem

Have a little chat about how the sun is special

Link in to learning about plants and trees – how the leaves need sunlight –

Introduce learning about shape

We know the sun is like a big round ball

Ball is a sphere.

Compare the flat picture of the sun to the ball.

Incorporate art – their hands are the rays.

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