I wonder which animals live on the farm? Have a chat….

girl on the farm source pixabay

You can have great fun with your little ones chatting about who might live on the farm.

This is the time of year when you might see new born baby lambs. The children love hearing about baby animals and their Mums.

I wonder will they get to see some baby chicks this spring ?

Look at the little baby chicks. I wonder who their mummy is ?
Look at the little baby chicks.
I wonder who their mummy is ?

Here are some lovely images for them to look at and chat about.

Sometimes we fall into the trap of repeating the child’s attempts to name things, it can sound really cute however…

Children are absorbing language and learning new words all the time and it’s great to give them the correct names for things.

Not only will you be helping them develop and enrich their vocabulary but also they won’t have to relearn the right words later on.

Images sourced pixabay.com

Can you see the little lamb drinking milk from it's Mummy?
Can you see the little lamb drinking milk from it’s Mummy?

 mummy ewe and baby lamb by Ericpruis morguefile

Baby sheep are called Lambs
Baby sheep are called Lambs

The sheep is very woolly
It’s fleece will keep us warm
The baby sheep are little lambs
They bleet baa all day long


  Here are some more of the rhymes that can be heard  on the farm track on my album..


The horse is very useful
It pulls the heavy plough
It gives us rides upon it’s back
He stands up very proud

Can you see the baby chicks?
Can you see the baby chicks?

The hen is very useful too
She clucks and pecks the seed
She struts around the farmers yard
And lays the eggs he needs

See me rolling in the mud
See me rolling in the mud

The pig he loves to wallow
In the yucky sticky mud
The piglets roll and have some fun
Oink oink they say nice mud



The cow it has four stomachs
It loves to chew the cud
It’s udder gives us milk to drink
for cream and yummy pud


Aww look… Can you see the Calf drinking milk from it’s Mum’s udder?

cat on the step

The cat she sits upon the step
She licks her lovely fur
She likes to sunbathe in the sun
Its nice to hear her purr


The ducks like going in a row
They love to swim and paddle
The ducklings following their mum
Quack quack waddle waddle

This is a dog. Do you think this is the puppy's mummy?


The farmers dog is very smart
He helps him with the sheep
He loves to bark and run and jump
And then he goes to sleep

By Michelle Woodswaldron ©2015

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